Flight Plan

Growth Mapping

Create the plan, then put it into action

Start with a clearly defined route to reach the destination. This requires defining action steps and laying each step down in a logical sequence. Then identify clear accountabilities. Milestones and metrics should be in place before starting the journey.


Why do companies fail to achieve their full growth potential?

flight-logo Failure to plan properly

Many businesses fail to reach their destination because:

They act before clearly defining their route


They create a map of their route but don’t execute it.

A successful growth map contains these four elements:

  • Vision

    • Clear mental image of the result 
  • Goals

    • Quantifiable results toward which an effort is directed
  • Plans

    • Steps to achieve the goal 
  • Actions

    • Activities to execute the plan 

flight-logo  Lack of navigation

Once the plan is put into action, many companies are unsuccessful in reaching the desired DESTINATION because of failure to navigate throughout the execution of the plan.

Critical factors for successfully navigating a plan, include:

Accountability – individuals must be held accountable for actions on a timely basis

Monitoring – Measurement must be in place to determine progress and anticipate obstacles

Proactive Adjustments – Course corrections must be made to address obstacles, assure success and accelerate progress.

Solution: Planning for Success

Wright Advisor helps clarify the DESTINATION, create map, and provide navigate during the execution.

To get started, you should clearly define the DESTINATION. Then answer these questions:

  • What is it?
  • Where is it?
  • When do you need to be there?
  • Who is going to take you there?
  • How will you get there?

Start developing your flight plan